The Cry for Zion

We often hear the phrase, “God works in mysterious ways”[1], and understand that He is ultimately behind the scenes working to reveal His plan and His Glory not just for individuals, but for the world at large. However, it’s not often you get to actually witness it’s unfolding and its impact on a mass global scale.

One such occurrence was through an unlikely African pop song and dance hit which was produced on the very precipice of the COVID-19 pandemic and which led to a global dance phenomena that took the world by storm in late November 2020.

The song, entitled “Jerusalema,” was composed by Master KG and released mid 2020. At an online interview with the writer and composer of the song, he recalls the very rapid way in which it all came about and how the lyrics sort of took on a life of their own during the hours of its creation. He acknowledges the divinely inspired nature of the song, which was birthed in the midst of the frightening and uncertain season the world had just been catapulted into.

The clear credit given to God for the inspiration behind it was the tell-tale sign of the ‘unseen’ influence that He had been exerting over its creation and was a testament of how God had chosen the most unlikely of places to convey a profound and timely message to the world.

The song itself had become a hit within the African music industry in mid 2020, however, it was not until a social media challenge to post a dance clip to the song that the global contagion really began. As a result, the song was able to infiltrate into all continents of the world, different spheres and through different people, to become the dance phenomena it is known as today.

Now, this is not the first time for a song and dance to invoke such a global response, e.g., songs like Macarena which took over the world in the 1990s, however, the amazing difference is the actual meaning and genre of the song. Never has a ‘gospel’ song or one tied to Christian or Jewish prophecy incurred so much enthusiasm and support, albeit, unintentionally.

The fact that the message was in Zulu (South African) may have been a reason for this unreserved willingness to embrace the song, perhaps not, since most would have been able to translate the lyrics to it. In any case, whether it was the hype spurred on by the accompanying dance challenge or perhaps the desire to be distracted from the negative and restrictive atmosphere created by the COVID-19 lockdowns at the time, it was God’s way of ensuring His message would reach as many people as possible.

So exactly what was the message?

The following are the English lyrics[2] to the song, which speak for themselves and reveal a far deeper spiritual meaning and implication than one would otherwise realize.

Jerusalem, my home.

Rescue me,

Join me,

Don't leave me here! X 2

My place is not here,

My kingdom is not here,

Rescue me!

Come with me! X 2

Save me, save me, save me,

Don't leave me here,

Save me, save me, save me,

Don't leave me here!

My place is not here,

My kingdom is not here,

Rescue me!

Come with me!

Save me, save me, save me,

Don't leave me here,

Save me, save me, save me,

Don't leave me here.

When I first read the lyrics in English I was completely dumbfounded! How prophetic was this song?

At a time when the world was literally hurtling headlong into the rapid acceleration of the ‘birth pains’ spoken of by Jesus in Matthew 24, relating to the time of the end and His second coming, we were hearing a song being sung and danced all over the world about the 'spiritual' Jerusalem, and the desire to see the coming of Christ's Kingdom and millennial reign here on earth.[3]

The amazing part of this prophecy, however, and one which directly correlates to the message God was conveying in this song is that Jesus promised He would rule and reign from only one city when He returns, and that city is Jerusalem. It is for this reason that it has been one of the most controversial and sought after cities on earth since its establishment, and one which has been at the center of many wars and conflicts throughout history, even up to the present day.

We are witnessing the unfolding of global disasters, disease, wars, civil unrest and rioting, famine, economic collapse, global control and oppression on a level which has been unrivaled by any other time in history. Even those who do not believe in the Bible and Prophecy cannot deny that something unprecedented is taking place and a shifting is occurring in the world which is unnerving and very, very frightening.

Anxiety and fear are at a record high with suicides, depression, delusion and mental disorders becoming all too common. Its for this reason that the lyrics of ‘Jerusalema’, hold such a deep and profound significance for not just believers but also for the world both physically and spiritually.

Jerusalem is God's chosen place of rulership on earth. Its the headquarters of the Kingdom He has promised to establish when Christ Returns. A Kingdom we cry from our hearts to experience. A Kingdom of righteousness and peace. A Kingdom of Justice and Mercy where evil is defeated and good prevails. A Kingdom where the innocent are protected and the lives of every man, woman and child is precious. A kingdom of God's power and authority that will never ever cease.

The issue we face now is whether we desire to be a part of that Kingdom. The decision is ours to make. God has given us ample warning, even speaking through the most unlikely mediums of music, dance and social media, to grab our attention and awaken us to the reality of the truth we are facing. Why? Because He loves you with a fierce love that will pursue you to the very end. You just need to be sensitive to hear His voice and to respond from your heart, while He is still speaking.

If you need support with making this crucial decision or to re-commit your life to Him or if you just want to clarify anything you have read, please feel free to contact me. I will be more than happy to help you.

Stay Blessed,

Your Sister in Christ

[1] Taken from a famous poem written by Cowper 1773 and most likely inspired from the scripture in Isaiah 55:8-9. [2] [3] Revelations 20:1-6.

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