In Limbo

Tumbling walls and crumbling doors.

Vanishing dreams fly like vapour into the approaching gloom.

I am so weary.

All my energy wanes with the fading light.

I can’t see anymore.

A dark veil has permanently settled over my mind.

Unshakeable and irreversible.

I have lost my desire, my fire has been quenched.

All that is left, a smoldering heap of ashes.

My breath is labored beneathe a heavy, damp cloth.

I am struggling to move forward.

Where am I going? What am I doing? Why can’t I seem to know?

In limbo between here and nowhere.

Steady my soul with your hand.

Pull me out from these depths.

For now, I will linger in the shadows of not knowing,

Waiting for you to illuminate my way.

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