God Encounters : A Testimony From My Son

Before you read this testimony which was first posted on Instagram early January 2021, I just wanted to share a little about why I chose to repost this here on the blog.

As a mother and a woman of faith, my spiritual legacy is so important. It's the reason we are placed here on Earth. We have a God given mandate to teach our children to find God for themselves. Not to experience Him through us, but to encounter Him where they are, in their own way.

This is evidence that God is faithful to accomplish His promises. No matter how difficult the road or what you've come through, or are going through right now, He is able to reach your children when you can't. Stay faithful to Him and faithful in prayer. He will fulfil His Word.

Although it's been 1 year to the day, that I have not held my son due to COVID 19 travel restrictions, one things for sure. Where I am not, God will always be. Amen.


Last night I had a DREAM that I was confronted by my mother in front of all these people. We were at my mother’s old house (at Tokarara suburb, in Port Moresby, PNG).

I felt like she wasn’t listening to me, so I stormed out of the house and onto the veranda to avoid a conflict. As I stood there, the footsteps of my mother came close behind me and before she could utter a word I fell into her arms and started crying.

It was an intense emotion I’ve never felt before, but only maybe, an emotion that was locked up, shut deep within me. In those few moments, I felt sorry for storming out but what was really evident was the feeling of shelter that I ever so needed. I felt like I could breathe again, and the world wasn’t so scary anymore. Like when we were younger children.

I recall as I held onto her it seemed as if she began to increase in size until it seemed as if she completely covered me. Then I awoke.

My Interpretation:

This was no ordinary dream, it was a dream from God and let me explain why I think it was.

In the beginning, the conflict between my mother and I represents the battle within my mind that is always questioning and even, dare I say, doubting God and his all-knowing plan for my life and future.

After I storm out onto the veranda, she comes out and in no way did she come to scold me, she was just there, waiting for me, and she actually wanted to speak to me, but I cut her off with the hug I gave her.

However, when I hugged her she wrapped her arms around me and held me tight giving me time to release all my emotion I had inside. From this part of the dream it represented God’s love and his presence always being there, just waiting for me to fall back on him and his word.

Even if you feel like he’s not listening, he’s always by your side and most times you may think God’s not listening to you, when in fact you’re not listening to him. “His ways are higher than our ways and his thoughts higher than our thoughts”, Isaiah 55:8.

In these times of doubt, he’s just waiting for you to let go of STUFF you worry about TOO much. You were never meant to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

I’ll be transparent, I’ve been worrying about whether I’ll ever go back to PNG, as well as the money and school fee problem that seems to always occur every end of semester, threatening my continuation at Boarding school, however, God always pulls us through.

Even when there’s barely enough money for me to start school, there’s always someone who randomly pays a debt back, which then allows me to continue school. Or when pay comes in the very next day before the school fee deadline is up.

God always takes care of me so what makes you think he won’t do the same for you. He is my rest and my haven, he is my rock, he is my light at the break of dawn and he will always be there for his children, believer or unbeliever. All he asks is for you to give your heart to him. Not for his benefit, but for ours.

He isn’t a God far away, he’s a God who’s always there with you, in the people around you or in the neighbour down the road. Most importantly, he’s in your heart so don’t worry about what tomorrow brings, God always has your back, you just got to trust in him.

Author: Ethen Tsiamalili. Jan. 2021.

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