Displaced to be Re-placed

There are seasons in our lives when we feel displaced, lost, as though you’re in the same place but somewhere else. Psychologically, spiritually and emotionally you’re just not where you once were. As though everything has somehow changed, even though physically, it’s the same.

This is my sense of the season I have been wandering through this last year or so.

I believe there are many who will also echo my sentiments as well. What was once comfortable is now uncomfortable and strange. What you once were so at ease with makes you edgy, and the things you never struggled to do, take forever to complete. People and circumstances you were once familiar with are somehow distant and disconnected in a way.

This is a spiritual season of displacement, so to speak. Not an intentional one, although, for some it is. But rather, one that has caught many by surprise, because it happened unexpectedly, with such speed and force that we never saw it coming and never prepared ourselves for it. That’s why the general feelings surrounding this season are hard to grapple with and make sense of.

This is obviously tied to the social, political and economic tsunami of fear, panic, strife and chaos that swept through the world during the COVID pandemic. A shaking that God had to allow to uproot us from our comfort zones, and places of convenience and security to shake us free from unseen or unknown elements that had become a hindrance to our growth and maturity in Christ.

These elements are perhaps some of the most difficult to detect and sometimes the most toxic to a Christians spiritual growth. They often take the form of traditions, habits, routines, certain places of worship, ministries, spiritual relationships or situations that we outgrow or which no longer serve a purpose in God’s divine calendar or timeclock for our lives and particularly our spiritual callings or assignments.

A recently read a blog by one of my favourite online prophetic ministers concerning this very issue. He described it as being replanted. He mentioned that many of us have outgrown the little pots that we have been planted in over the past few years of our lives which were sufficient for that time and season of our lives. But now, we are entering a new season. One that requires us to be transplanted into bigger pots to cater for the growth, expansion, increased power and anointing he is preparing to pour out through us for His Kingdom purposes in these end times.

As plants, we are expected to grow, however, our ultimate potential or spiritual maturity differs from one to another. What may require a bigger pot for some, may just require a change in nutrients and soil for another. However, whether it’s a transplanting or pruning process, our soil and the vessel we’re planted within need to be sufficient for the purpose God has for us, and only He knows what that is.

Whether it is a displacement you're feeling, or being broken down or dislodged from the familiar, just know that our Great Gardener sometimes has to allow this to happen in order for you to flourish, to become stronger, more fruitful and productive. Because His ultimate plan is to see you become all that he intended and purposed for you to be.

Replanting is never an easy process, but it’s always a necessary one. Our position and response in this season, however, is to be open and receptive to His voice and His leading in that moment of our lives and more than anything, to continue to be faithful to Him during the process. Even when it feels awkward or completely contrary to the norm, He is always with us, working things out for our good. God is a God of purpose and order and sometimes to be re-aligned with His will, we need to first be dislodged from our own, or that of someone else's.

Even if you can't see how this will all pan out, or how to even make sense of it, just know that He will reveal the answers to all the questions running through our minds and still the emotions tearing through our hearts in His perfect time. And when He does, you will be ready for it.

I pray you are blessed by this word and if you have any prayer needs or just need someone to share your frustration and uncertainties with, please do not hesitate to contact me on the avenues provided here.

Your Sister in Christ.

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