An Extension of Christ

But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. 1 Corinthians 6:17.

Sometimes we think in terms of us and them, me or you, Church or work, family or friends, school or recreation, black or white, poor or rich, and we separate and compartmentalize everything into its specific box or space often causing a disconnect when there should be a connection, a flow and exchange or interchange of ideas, experiences and values.

This also applies to the Kingdom of God. We compartmentalize our lives into what we do at church, what we do at home and what we do at work and separate these environments into certain practices, rules, thoughts/mindsets and conduct which excludes Christ from certain aspects of our lives., when really He was never meant to be separated from anything but is meant to bring everything together and to govern and take precedence over it all.

The theme scripture is relating to the context of sexual immorality and the issue of saints (followers of Christ) choosing to continue to engage in worldly practices, pursuits and desires whilst attempting to follow Christ and all that pertains to God’s Kingdom, but this is only one aspect of the larger problem.

At the root of it is the fact that we have not truly grasped the truth of who we are in Christ, and that we are no longer of this world but are born again into the Kingdom of God through Christ Jesus. This re-birth is not of the flesh but of the Spirit. That is why it says in John 3:6-8, that, that which is born of flesh is flesh, but that which is born of Spirit is spirit.

Christ Jesus was demonstrating a fundamental and foundational truth of the Kingdom of God in John Chapter 3: 1 – 21, that all who are born again into His Kingdom, which is a spiritual kingdom, become One with Him in spirit. When you choose to live and dwell within this Kingdom you do it in the spirit, not in the flesh. That means that in everything you do, you do it from that spiritual position and through that new spiritual mindset.

How you approach life as a Christian needs to flow from this truth and how you demonstrate your faith in Christ Jesus either reflects this truth or not. Because when we accept Christ into our lives its no longer us and Him or Church and then my Home life or Work life, it all becomes One and Christ fills and occupies and governs it all.

When He came to live and dwell in you He didn’t come to occupy just one corner of your life, He came to occupy it all and He does that through His Spirit! So because you become One with Him in spirit, there is no longer any separation or division between your spirit and His.

Our spirit, is our life force. That part of us that connects us to God and to His Kingdom.

Just as Christ said He was One with the Father, He was referring to the spiritual aspect of His life. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, so although He was flesh, He was also spirit, and the Son of God. And if He is the first born among many (Romans 8:29), that means you too are now One with God through Him. And if He said He was One with the Father (John 17:21-23), and said and did what His Father instructed Him to do, we also need to be so converged with Christ in our spirit that we can’t distinguish between when our lives end and when His begins in us, because we are One with Him.

When we know this truth it affects how you think, how you speak, how you act or react, not just as a person, but also how you portray this to others. That’s why the Apostle Paul said, “I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” Galatians 2:20.

So does Christ really live in you? If He does, then allow Him to become number One. Allow Him to become sovereign over it all and to rule and reign in you until you become an extension of Christ Jesus here on earth, Amen!

Be Blessed Child of the Most High King. If you need prayer or support in your walk with Christ, please contact me on either email, live chat or via my social apps and I will be more than happy to help you through this process.

God bless you!

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