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Welcome to the exciting new location for the Broken4Beauty blog site!

A place to inspire women and men alike through my passion of writing, encouraging and teaching from God's Word, and, more importantly, a place to interact with you more! 

There are options for you to post comments, get on live chats as members, check on events, access social media links, videos and more!


(To read all posts from the archives visit - https://broken4beauty.weebly.com/) 

I pray you will be able to use these tools freely and more readily contact my team and I for questions or sharing on any content posted.

Lets get more engaged as we take this journey of spiritual growth in Christ Jesus together! Be Blessed!


Fear Factor

We've all had some scary encounters in our lives. Some more confronting and crippling than others. Yet, despite the variables in each...

Open Doors

God is calling us into a season of open doors in heaven. Will you accept the invitation?

Divine Dreams

Did you know that dreams are one of the main modes of communication God uses to convey messages to us? Many people actually don't realize...


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